Marina is a versatile Marketing Professional, bringing 20 years of experience in all aspects of marketing, ranging from sales to advertising (media planning as well as Account Executive) and event planning. Have worked alone as well as in teams, sometimes as a leader and others as a team member. Extensive knowledge of top level management reporting, excellent negotiation skills and customer-service sensitive. Attentive to detail and goal-oriented. Enthusiast for on-line marketing practices and content writing, with active involvement in social media use for businesses and an active blogger on various sites, including ATYOURSERVICE.COM.CY, DISRUPTCYPRUS.COM and my own page. Currently managing my own business DMG SMALL MARKETING SOLUTIONS, specializing in small businesses, in addition to working on start-up projects. Continuously alert on new developments in the fields of media, advertising and marketing.

Marina’s work experience covers the fields of advertising (media planning) and advertising department in TV station, event planning, and way back sales and marketing. For the past 2 years, exploring the fascinating world of internet marketing and social media, attending Courses/seminars/workshops on digital marketing, as well as regularly following social media bloggers and gurus!

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