Dr. Poutziouris is a professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses in UCLAN-Cyprus University where he also holds the position of  Director of the School of Business Administration and the Entrepreneurship Center.

He was for more than 2 decades, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses at Manchester Business School of the University of Manchester where he was leading the research program for the Financial and Economic Development of the Small and Medium Family Businesses.

He is currently teaching, training, researching and consulting for topics around the development of entrepreneurship and family businesses. He has led conferences and relevant initiatives in the UK, China, Italy, Austria, Turkey, ISrael, USA, Bulgaria, Egypt Greece and Cyprus through the cooperation with Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Lately he is performing training programs for bank officials regarding financing family businesses, at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Poutziouris has served as a member of a team of Experts of the European Commision for the Strategic Support of Family Businesses and he is today a consultant of Entrepreneurship subjects at OOSA-OECD. He has also served as president of the International Family Enterpise Research Academy and as a member of the Family Firms Institute (U.S.A.)

He has been resently awarded with the FFi-International Award for his work and achievements promoting internationaly the significance of family enteprises at academic and socio-economic level.

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